Use These Proven Words and Phrases To Win Deals

Lets get started with a quick exam for you: Which of the following describes top performers in your company?

A: They put in the work. They show up early and leave late

B: They think outside the box and find opportunities in areas that others don’t see.

C: They don’t talk about it they just go out and get it done.

D: All The Above

The Answer is D: All The Above

In sales there is a secret gem and that is the language that you are using

The words top executors choose, how and when they choose to position them.

This seems very minor, but it can make a huge difference.

If you want to make it to the top, start adding these words and phrases to your calls today

Sidebar: What Is Sync Up?

Sync Up is an automation and personalization A.I. platform for companies and individuals across the world.

We are able to gather interactions from our users including templates, connection requests, conversion rates and more.

We can then give you, our reader, a prediction on how interactions impact conversion rates.

For this post we analyzed over 10,000 interactions and used research statistics from some of our trusted partners.

#1: You. Your. Your Team.

Sales reps can be direct, sometimes even too direct.

Top salespeople? Well gues what. They take directness to the next level.

The best sales reps speak directly to buyers and use the pronouns “you, your, and your team 29% more often than their average and underperforming peers.”

Take this as an example:

Regular Rep: Users maximize their time with this automation workflow

Top Performer: “You’ll be 10x more effective with this automation workflow.”

Regular Rep: “Our customer base will use these insights to improve conversion rates.”

Top Performer: “You’ll improve conversion rates with these insights and platform.”

Like we mentioned in our other blog posts. Top sellers are direct and to the point.

They can take something that is complicated and make it very simple.

Average reps are generic, written for them, indirect, and just do not feel genuine.

You want to make it personal so your prospect will believe that their team will benefit from what you are offering.

#2: Most- Trusted. Top Award. Best Reviews. Highest-Rated.

Influencers, reviews, Gartner.

All these platforms and companies have a strong reliance on social proof - Reviews, Ratings, Awards.

Sales reps use social proof all the time. Think about all the case studies, testimonials, logos, reference calls, and so on.

Your buyer wants to know that they are making the same decision.

Think about when you shop on Amazon. You always look for the reviews and are most likely to even spend a bit more money on a product that has more reviews.


Because you have piece of mind, you feel that it is trust worthy, and more importantly that it is reliable.

Top performers bring social proof into their talk tracks 42% more often than average sales reps.

This is a way for buyers to feel more comfortable and for you to earn more trust.

They know they are not alone and they are in good company with other reputable companies that have made the same decision that they have made.

#3: Imagine. That Means. For Example. Because

The word imagine allows your prospects to see the vision that you are painting. They step into your Renaissance.

We all want to understand the meaning behind our actions. We want to know why. Why this happens, why that did not happen.

When you talk about your product, you have the opportunity to paint your picture for your clients.

Top reps use these phrases 31% more often than average performers.

“Data and Analytics at your fingertips, which means you don’t need to hire a data scientist.”

“For example, let's say you use a product that alerts you every time a rep says imagine.”

#4: Problem. Challenge. Solution. Opportunity.

Salespeople need to uncover a pain and a problem before they can pitch their solution.

Makes perfect sense that best sellers use words such as “problem, challenge, solution, and opportunity” 36% more often than average sellers.

The best reps use discovery calls to identify the problem and make sure they understand the buyers challenge.

From there, they leverage it to propose their solution.

See what we did there.

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