10 Tips To Skyrocket Sales: LinkedIn Prospecting Done Right


LinkedIn is a goldmine for B2B leads. Whether it be C-Suite Executives, Directors, Managers, or even Executive Admins- all the contacts you want to reach are on this platform.

To this professional audience, LinkedIn is their Facebook; their Instagram, their Snapchat, and their Tiktok. It is their platform of choice.

But learning to navigate such a vast and powerful platform can be initially daunting.

To address this, SyncUp will ensure you are provided with all the advice, resources, and guidance needed on how to navigate this “open sea”.

Step by step, you will identify your target audience, search for them using LinkedIn filers, craft a convincing template, and much more.

And then there is our custom developed LinkedIn automation, which will take your LinkedIn prospecting game to a completely different level!

So, if you are looking for tools and tips that you can start using today you have come to the right place. This is what we are going to cover in today’s blog post:

What is Linkedin Sales Prospecting

5 Things You Should NOT Do

5 Best Prospecting Tips

Top 3 Prospecting Tips

Ready to get started? Well here we go:

What Is LinkedIn Sales Prospecting?

LinkedIn prospecting is the outreach equivalent of a cold call or a cold e-mail.

Most prospecting methods include the following:

  1. Using search filters to identify your target audience

  2. Cold outreach and social selling campaigns

  3. Sending InMail Messages

  4. Sending personalized connections and follow up

  5. Joining and commenting in different groups

  6. Making posts about topics you find interesting

  7. Engaging in other posts, and leaving comments

This is done to enable your ability to contact someone with the goal of selling a service, product, or experience.

The best part is that people on LinkedIn are expecting this model.

They know that by participating in LinkedIn, they will be contacted proactively by others. So please NEVER feel ashamed or embarrassed reaching out to a “total stranger”.

Let’s talk about a typical LinkedIn Prospecting Flow:

  1. Creating a Persona - The first step is simply defining your target audience. This is the most foundational element. Are they bankers? Are they VP of IT? Do they work at an enterprise company? Are they just getting started growing their own startup company? Are they in California, Nevada, Florida, New York, etc?.

  2. Finding Your Leads - With over 700 million LinkedIn users, this can be challenging. But if you are able to define your personas this can be significantly less time consuming. LinkedIn provides multiple filters to enable you to narrow down your audience and reach them more efficiently.

  3. Structuring Campaigns: Finally, you need to think about your actual outreach. You need to determine exactly what you want to accomplish. What is the specific goal? Is it to drive someone to a webinar? Is it to incentivize someone to attend an event? Is it to simply schedule a meeting with someone? What is your call to action.

In summary, this is an extremely powerful platform if you understand how to maximize its potential.

So let’s review WHAT NOT TO DO with LinkedIn:

  1. Not Being Genuine - This is a huge “no no” and big taboo. Prospectors use the same outreach, messages, and then expect better results. That is the definition of insanity. Here are a couple of examples:

Using someone’s first name and the company name is what almost everyone does, so there is no differentiation. So here is some advice that can help you stand out of the crowd:

  1. Being Genuine - Have an understanding of your prospect’s personality and showing that your goals align with theirs.

  2. Personalization- Bring something meaningful from either a post they made, something they commented on, an article they wrote, or a group they are in.

  3. Showing Value - Demonstrate why your message and service can help them achieve their goals.

Now we will focus on a very key important topic that many don’t put enough strategy into thinking about: YOUR PROFILE


This is your equivalent to a store front.

When people look at your page, you want them to know you mean business.

They, in turn, want to feel they can trust you.

They want to know that you are accomplished, reputable, experienced, and can add value.

Here are the basics that you need in order to ensure your profile shines:

  1. Profile and Banner Photo - Both of these should be professional and custom banners are not difficult to utilize. There is a very helpful tool that we use to simplify the process. It is called Canva (Click Here)

  2. Tagline - This demonstrates to a prospect the main benefit of YOU, right up front. This is for you to briefly -but boldly- state who are you: Angel Investor | VP| Growth Hacker. Look at some of these for inspiration and motivation.

  3. LinkedIn Summary - This is where the key details reside. It will provide everything about your background and skills. What are you passionate about personally? What drives you professionally? What achievements do you want the world to know? Did you play sports in college? Do you participate in charitable causes? Use this to tell people who you are and what is unique about you.

Now let’s focus on how to build a Target Audience:

This can absolutely make or break your outreach, so we want to focus on a few key elements:

  1. Review your target audiences to track what they follow. Who and what influences them?

  2. Identify which Facebook or LinkedIn Groups they are members of

  3. What kind of content do they create, like, comment, and engage with?

If you do some basic research and know all of this data ahead of time, it will make structuring your Linkedin Outreach campaign achieve significantly higher conversion rates.

How do we know this is true at SyncUp?

Because it is exactly what we did- and we gained a 40% reply rate!!!

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