Everything You Need To Get Started With Sync Up

Step 1

To sign up for Sync Up simply chose one of the two licenses that work best for you. If you are using Linkedin to get a job, then purchase Job Seeker. If you are using LinkedIn for generating leads then purchase Sales Leader.

Simply fill in the fields to sign up, input your credit card details and you are ready to move to step two.

Step 2

Add The Sync Up Chrome Extension


Now you are ready to add the Sync Up Chrome Extension. Simply click this button to take you to the extension.






REMEMBER when you first open the extension press "Register" and input your credentials from the website. Then hit enter. Now all that you have to do is quit Google Chrome and Re-Open It.

Step 3

Setting Up Your First Campaign:


Now you are ready to launch your very first Sync Up campaign. Simply watch this 2 minute video and you should be up and running. 

Couple of things to remember:

If you are using Premium make sure you click "People" when you are doing your search.

Sync Up does not work unless you have at least a LinkedIn Premium Account.

Step 4

Sending Your First Mass Connections


Congratulations! You have loaded up your very first Sync Up Campaign! This causes for celebration! Now you are ready to launch it. This video will show you how to send connections in bulk.

Step 5

Sending Personalized Messages in Bulk


This video will show you step by step how to send InMail's or Messages in Bulk. Enjoy and happy prospecting!

Step 6

Creating and Editing Templates


At Sync Up we make things easy. We want to save you as much time as possible. So check out Templates. You can save as many as you want and test out which ones get you the highest conversion rate. This video will show you how to do that.

Step 7

Setting Up Your First Workflow:

Sync Up will not only let you automate prospecting in the moment, but will let you schedule when you want Sync Up to take actions for you. Check this video out to see what we mean.